Sunday, January 24, 2010

Portrait of My Kids-WIP

Been working on a portrait of my kids. Found a great picture.... not too silly and not too serious. I'm using graphite on Strathmore 400 Dry Media Paper. The image is around 7"x7". It's been awhile since I've attempted this. I did a sketch of my son and a self portrait in the last two weeks for practice. I tried my son's portrait on Stonehenge paper but the paper just isn't for me.

Here's the first session. A WIP stands for Work in Progress if you didn't know.

I'm building up values and detail. Just plugging away basically.

I'm not going to get too detailed in this drawing. I like the looseness of it. Besides I don't know if I could get realistically tight anyway. Thanks for looking!


Inkerbelle said...

What a beautiful portrait, Tim, you're amazing!!

asela said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Doesn't if feel good to work on a portrait. Making me wanna start one.

Meisie said...

Looking good Tim!