Thursday, October 8, 2009

House Commissions Information

Here's a pic of my flier that I have sent out! I am now taking commissions for these little house drawings!

Click on picture to see a bigger version.

I’ll also email you a jpeg of the finished drawing! All this for only $37! All you have to do is email me a digital picture or two of the front of your house and send me a payment either with Paypal (I’ll email you the specifics) or mail a money order. Payment includes shipping and an easel to display your drawing.

The drawing will be 2 1/2” x 3 1/2” (ATC size ... Artist Trading Card). It will be drawn with pencil on heavy illustration board and presented to you with an easel for easy display. Because of the size and whimsical nature of the drawing I will take some artistic liberties i.e. trees moved/added, some details will not be rendered like most bricks and windows may be stylized. Email me Tim Hunter ... with any questions!

I will still own the copyright on all work but feel free to print off the jpeg for family cards. You just can't sell the image.


Beth said...

Hi Tim! Love the flyer! and your houses! ;) Hope you sell lots and lots! You can send your extras my way! haha

Timbo said...

Thanks Beth! Put some flyers out today in a cool neighborhood. I'll send you all of the extras!

Jan said...

These are great, Tim! I sure hope they go well for you - I think folks would be nuts not to order. You're so talented!

(Pssst! I don't know how you can sell them for that price especially including the easel!)

Barbara Goodsitt said...

So charming and a great idea. Good luck!